April Showers
April 27, 2011
Objects May Appear Closer Than They Are
May 7, 2011

Yes, Now

I talked recently with a friend who also lives with PD. We’d touched on travel, parenting, work — the variety of topics that one often covers over coffee or lunch with a confidante.

Interestingly, there was a common theme threading through the different thoughts, ideas,  plans. We kept coming back to now.

“I’m able to at the moment,” she said about a dance program she teaches. “Because I can,” I  added about a bike trip I’d be taking in Virginia.

Knowing that this disease doesn’t get better  has heightened our awareness that now is all we have.  I’ve heard others with chronic conditions express it, too, this sense of immediacy. If now is good, then there’s no time like the present to move ahead with our thoughts, plans, ideas.

So yogic, this living in the now. I’ve been wondering, though, is there more? This poem answers my question Yes, now, is for living and for giving that one thing we”re all able to:

With That Moon Language
–  by Hafiz

Admit something:

Everyone you  see, you say to them, “Love me.”
Of course you do not do this out loud; otherwise, someone would call the cops.
Still, though, think about this, this great pull in us to connect.
Why not become the one who lives with a full moon in each eye that is always saying,
with that sweet moon language,
what every other eye in this world is dying to hear?

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