September 17, 2012
Traveling Companion
September 23, 2012

My, What a Big Head You Have

Big Day:
Tommy came over for a visit to meet Elsie and check out his future house and yard. He sniffed, sniffed some more.

Big Hit:
Elsie refrained from her usual Nice-To-Meet-You barking-while-running-in-increasingly-tighter-and-tighter circles. He strolled into the yard in a calm fashion, unfazed by the size of her visitor. Much sniffing ensued.

Big Dog:
Thought  I was getting used to the Great Dane size. Apparently not as I heard a little gasp escape from my throat when Sir Thomas stepped into the dining room and rested his chin on the table before sniffing in all those food smells.

Big Hugs:
Having Thomas in my home made it that much tougher to take him back to his doggie digs. I was sniffling as I drove away.




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