MJFox Show Post-Miere Hit

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September 25, 2013
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December 3, 2013

MJFox Show Post-Miere Hit


That’s me, between Matt & Alison on my left and Bruce and Karla on my right

Thanks to all for the fun and support at the MJFox Post-miere party! Though we gathered two days following the airing of the new TV series, the Saturday afternoon time made it easier for people to come and celebrate. The Thursday time was late (after 8:30! meds wane!) and it was on a school night (after 8;30! my eleven-year-old whines!)  Special thanks to Matt and Alison of Brassiere 28, of Andover, MA, for hosting on a weekend.

While people gathered to watch, laugh and share stories, the front room of the restaurant glowed from both the sun streaming in and from the spirit within. As a special treat, Bruce Cook, MD, announced that he’d asked Michael if he could phone us during the celebration (unfortunately, he was in a plane at the time of our event).  Dr. Cook is a neurosurgeon and Michael was his patient. Bruce and his wife, Karla, shared a few stories and everyone seemed somehow connected to and aware of Parkinson’s and its impact on daily life.

From the (yoga) students to the (art and boxing) teachers who were there in body and in spirit, thank you. I learn so much from all of you. And it is because of you that, before I headed north to the WPC in Montreal, I was able to forward your donations of more than $700 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. You’re all a big hit.


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