May 19, 2015

We Are On It

Here’s a handy handout that gives an overview of what we* mean when we say Service Dog. (“We” specifically: the Dames with Danes; “We” generally: SD partners; “We” legally: ADA ) We (“We” the Dames with Danes) gave loads of them out at the very well attended Open House with George-the-vet. This differs from our brochure (which focuses on access rights and regulations per the ADA). This defines and differentiates Service Dogs (please note: there are 2 pages. We (“We” Lynne & I) print them 1-page, double-sided). Feel free to hand out to your local schools, libraries, pet stores … Wheeee!
May 19, 2015


              Love mat time with my guy.
May 5, 2015

In Business

Sir Thomas has a new business card. It explains that he has a job to do. My job is getting it in the hands of people before they get a their hands on him.
April 30, 2015

Picture This

In the midst of the food court’s strutting teens and screeching toddlers, Sir Thomas folded onto his mat in that sphinx-like move that Danes do and gazed those soulful eyes at me. I instantly aimed my phone at that regal pose (he’d even crossed his front paws!). But instead of his handsome image appearing on my screen, a message popped up: “Cannot Take Photo.” Apparently there’s a limit to how many I can store on my phone. Namely, 2,990, according to the count at the top of the icon. Smells of pan-fried, deep-fried and stir-fried lunch surrounded us as I focused on getting that picture. I deleted 277 blurry selfies and inside-of-my-purse auto-shots. But the phone insisted I was still out of storage space. Thomas let out a deep sigh, uncrossed his front legs and lowered his heavy head to rest between them. His message seemed clear: stop struggling to […]