October 21, 2014

To Sir

Doug Logan posted this poem on the Young Onset Parkinson’s FB page. When I read it, I considered how blessed I am to have supportive, dearly adored caregivers in both the two-legged and four-legged varieties With the four-legged variety in mind, I asked Doug if I could share his poem.He answered., “Yes,” followed by “it is to our caregivers in whatever form that may be.” To Our Care Givers By Doug Logan Sometimes I feel as though I’m trapped in a cage, It fills me with anger, resentment and rage; This cage it is made of my own flesh and bone, It’s worse than any made of wood, steel or stone.   My limbs will all tremble as if I’m nervous or cold, I no longer write, hands won’t do as they’re told; My feet, they are heavy and make me walk slow, My face a blank canvas, no expressions will show.   I want to […]
October 20, 2014

An Open Letter to the Chambers of Commerce

An Open Letter to the Chambers of Commerce of Villages, Towns and Cities throughout the U.S. Please Help Empower Your Member Businesses Regarding Service Dog Access  When You Can Say No to Fido In “Pets Allowed” (New Yorker, October 20 issue), retail management, staff and security personnel throughout Manhattan and Boston permitted “emotional support” animals ranging from a turtle to a snake to a turkey into their establishments.  “There’s nothing we can do about it,” says a restaurant worker in NYC. “We have to let them in.” No, you don’t. Whether you run an inn, B&B, cafe, boutique, museum, theater, work for the airlines or manage a bait store, you do not need to open your doors to every Flufffy or pet iguana sporting a vest. Know the Law What you and your staff do need to do is know the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While the law is […]
October 14, 2014

Why a Service Dog?

Sir Thomas and I recently celebrated our two-year anniversary (Yay, us!). In my time with him, I’ve learned so much about the world of service dogs. The good (How much time do you have?), the bad (Can’t ignore that their life span often runs shorter than ours), and the ugly (My body tenses simply typing the words: Fake service dog teams). My intention for this blog sparked from sharing the good. It has blossomed into a means to connect with a community of fellow service dog partners in good times and bad. It has grown to include educating and advocating in the face of the ugly. In all that Thomas and I have encountered these past twenty-four months, I am – daily – still surprised. People surprise me with their comments – good, bad and ugly. One would think I’d be getting used to the range of remarks. Most remarkably, though, […]
September 5, 2014

It’s About Access

A local B&B recently turned away a service dog and handler, refusing to give them a room for the night. Kudos to another handler, Lynne Emerson, for making the incident an opportunity. Rather than a How Could You Turn Away a Service Dog and His Handler glass-half-empty reaction, here is the glass-half-full response: How Would You Like a Brochure? Lynne pulled it together and I got to help (with both sides of my brain: words and art!). Feel free to print this out this two-sided, three-fold piece to educate local businesses, innkeepers, police staff, schools, family, friends. Ignorance is not bliss.