September 17, 2013

Mad About Service Dogs

My Parkinson’s diagnosis has thrown – heaved – perspective on my views of daily life. The irk-factor is one example. Degenerative disease, here: it takes more than a  movie talker or airplane seat kicker to set me off. When I do get annoyed, I clench. Jaw, fists, eyelids. It doesn’t happen often and when it does the yogi in me tries to breathe through it, let it go, talk it out. On occasion, I yell. If annoyed moves into crazy-angry mode, I curl into a fetal position and cry. It takes something monstrous from daily life to get me there. Remember: Degenerative disease here. Incurable. Well, I encountered my first service dog fake. Not only is it a challenge to type with my fingers curled, it’s hard to see the screen though this blur of tears. I knew about them, heard stories. They clip a service dog vest purchased online […]
September 11, 2013

Service Dogs and Parkinson’s at WPC 2013

If you’re curious about life with a Service Dog while living a life with PD, stop by the Round Table discussion at the World Parkinson Congress on Thursday afternoon, 3:30 – 5:00 at Table 9. Looking forward to co-hosting the discussion with Carolyn Weaver. See you in Montreal!   
September 6, 2013

Tommy or Fred?

When I venture out, either Sir Thomas steps along by my side or Fred is with me. But not both. Why not? Who’s Fred, and why don’t they get along? It’s a bit like apples/oranges comparison if apples sported four paws and oranges rolled about on two wheels. Years ago, my son dubbed the new triple bicycle Fred. We’ve carried a heavy load traveling with Fred and Bob (name of trailer hitched to the back of Fred). None of the luggage ever weighed in at 125 pounds, however. If I could figure out how to bring Tommy out with Fred, I would. Especially as Team Mama rides for Team Fox at the annual New England Parkinson’s Ride. Proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund research for treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s. Who better to join Team Mama and their faithful support than the gentle giant who supports me everywhere […]