December 5, 2009

Holiday Wish List

May I add to the Top Pick lists that abound during this season of shopping and baking? In addition to the most popular games, the best books,  the much-loved cookies, I’m including three yoga fav’s: Game: I’ll be wrapping Parcheesi (don’t tell my son) for under the tree. Books: Many novels to ship (okay, yes, I’m keeping one or two for myself). Cookies: definitely cutouts, frosted. Yoga: Enter stress-free into the holidays by practicing these each day: 1. Go outside. Seriously, step outside. Feel the breeze. Listen for birds. Notice the moon, which has already been full this month and is waning. Before the New Year, it will wax right into a blue moon. At a time filled with malls and heated halls, a gift we can give ourselves is to bring our awareness to our natural surroundings. 2. Get exercise. Go for a walk. Do a sun salutation on […]
November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

A yogini’s (that’s me) gratitude list: T – Teachers: Thank you fellow yoga teachets for coming and sharing at the training on Nov 7. I so enjoyed thee day with you. H – Hathayoga A – Asana practice N– New approaches to a pose K – Kindness: It’s inherent in yoga S – Sun salutations G – Good, dark chocolate I – Inner peace V – Virabhadrasana: The holidays are a great time to stay in touch with our spiritual warriors I – Intercostals: Keep breathing N – November: Hey, it’s not January G – Good friends. Namaste.
November 22, 2009

Nuts and Raisins

I need to cut nuts out of my diet. Cheese, too. Sadly, red wine as well. Ditto on the avocados, soy products, vinegar, dried fruit. If I included any of the above in meals or snacks, a monstrous migraine ensued. This recent phenomenon of light-sensitive, eyeball-searing pain was a tag-along side effect of one of my meds. I hadn’t expected such a severe reaction to what was considered beneficial to take. Emerging from a particularly nasty skull-exploding episode, I shuffled into the kitchen, slumped at the counter, hungry, drained, and wondering what I could possibly eat that wouldn’t, quite literally, go to my head. Crackers? No, there are nuts and soy it the ingredients list. PB&J? No, the protein in the peanut butter would battle with my meds, not to mention nut’s place on the anti-migraine list. I boiled a pot of white rice and daringly added a touch of […]