June 12, 2009

Born to Run

I’ve been running. Not running around or running errands, simply running. The loops are short — a mile — and through the woods. This has double advantage of softer ground and no witnesses. I won’t be trying out for a marathon anytime soon. But that’s okay. I’m not training for a race, unless the battle to stay ahead of this disease counts. I don’t need to know if I’m bettering my time with each jaunt. What’s so wonderfully surprising – besides the fact that I can actually, physically, run – is how centering it is. It’s as though I’m moving through an unnamed asana, the Deer Flow or the Winged Warrior. Some primordial sense kicks in as I’m making my way along paths of old leaves and pine needles. I feel graceful and strong while I’m out there – hardly like a gimp at all. That runner’s high is likely […]
June 3, 2009

Fred Goes to Maine

I’ve signed up – correction: We’ve signed up. Captain Papa, me, and a turbo-charged seven-year-old as the rear stoker are riding in the New England Parkinson’s Ride in Old Orchard Beach in September. “Fred” is the name my son dubbed the triple – our three-seater bicycle that lets the family travel together. And together we will be for 50 miles, raising awareness and raising funds for the Michael J Fox Foundation, where 100% of the proceeds go to finding treatments and a cure. I love cycling. I love that studies have shown that tandem riding benefits people with PD. I love Maine in September. I love that I can do something to contribute to the MJFox Foundation. But most of all, I love that Team Mama is doing this together as a family, not for me but with me. http://www.limyoga.com/parkinsons_ride.html for more info or to make a pledge.
May 30, 2009

Great Resource

If you haven’t already checked out the Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Research Center, please do: www.maprc.com The Center offers a variety of courses as well as diagnostic and therapeutic sessions along with the latest in research trials and results. The Center is located in Phoenix, AZ. I know I’ll be on the lookout for an excuse to visit Phoenix so I can stop in there. I’d love to hear from anyone who has been to the Center.