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February 11, 2009
Quick Bites – Renee’s PDQ snacks
April 8, 2009

Unexpected Friends

When my publisher let me know that companies in France and Italy are interested in translations of Yoga for Movement Disorders, I had mixed reactions. I smiled and thought, Magnifique! Bellisimo!

At the same time, I grimaced knowing that differences in culture and language prove no barrier for Parkinson’s. It need not pass through customs despite what it brings into the country.

If there is any positive that spans the continent, any gift associated with this disease that takes so much, is in the proverbial glass. Whether it contains champagne or Chianti, it is certainly not half full. But, neither is it empty.

In it are the warm personalities of people whom I’ve met due to our commonality. This haiku is for you.

Pebbles, sea glass, shells,

Tumbling, twirling together

Riding the same wave

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