Holiday Wish List

Happy Thanksgiving
November 25, 2009
Blue Moon
December 27, 2009

Holiday Wish List

May I add to the Top Pick lists that abound during this season of shopping and baking?

In addition to the most popular games, the best books,  the much-loved cookies, I’m including three yoga fav’s:

Game: I’ll be wrapping Parcheesi (don’t tell my son) for under the tree.

Books: Many novels to ship (okay, yes, I’m keeping one or two for myself).

Cookies: definitely cutouts, frosted.

Yoga: Enter stress-free into the holidays by practicing these each day:

1. Go outside. Seriously, step outside. Feel the breeze. Listen for birds. Notice the moon, which has already been full this month and is waning. Before the New Year, it will wax right into a blue moon. At a time filled with malls and heated halls, a gift we can give ourselves is to bring our awareness to our natural surroundings.

2. Get exercise. Go for a walk. Do a sun salutation on the deck. Be with your body. Stresses make PD symptoms worse and holidays can be filled with stress. Release it at the gym, in the pool, or better yet, a stroll through the woods (thereby covering number 1 and 2 together!).

3. Compliment someone.  Has your spouse been particularly patient? How about the way the clerk bagged your groceries so the grapes wouldn’t get squished And don’t forget yourself. Are you having a good hair day? At the very least, acknowledge your courage in the face of this disease.

Yoga is all about awareness. Let this season bring you your top fun treats as well as guide you to all that lies within you.

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