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February 14, 2011
April 3, 2011

PD Oscars

Oscar night sends quivers of anticipation among many Hollywood fans. Who will be deemed the best? The best to translate a role into someone we care about?  The best at supporting the lead performers so they shine? The best at directing through the everyday ups and downs with the bigger vision in mind?

Dubbing myself the awards committee, I hereby announce the winners for this year’s PD Oscars:

Best Actor: You.

To each of you whose daily performances require a study in movement, speech and reliance on the true aspects of your character, this PD Oscar is for you. The world is your stage. From getting through the grocery store despite freezing to maintaining a social life even when the meds are off,  you put your best efforts into the complex role of living with PD.

Best Supporting Role: The APDA

With its presence in nearly every state, a national information and resource center, support groups, research involvement and regional conferences, this non-profit organization leads the pack of supporters. The American Parkinson Disease Association buoys daily performances by tirelessly providing an understanding ear, informative referrals and heartfelt assistance. See

Best Director: People’s Choice

Who encourages you? Fluffs your blanket around your toes when you can’t quite reach it? Undoes the twist tie on a new loaf of bread? Joins you at the gym? Whether it’s your sister, spouse, son or daughter, or yourself, take a moment to applaud the person or people who keep you on track. Hands-down, my personal award goes to my husband. I pour my heart into my role. He’s there when I storm off  the set, over emote or come up flat.

Best Picture: Optimism

No one enjoys a story where the main character is worse off at the end of the story than when it started. Kudos to maintaining a glass-half-full approach. The Michael J Fox Foundation awards grants to study promising treatments, the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation conducts research trials in new medications, alternative therapies arise that help manage symptoms. Also, the daily role of living with PD still allows us the simple pleasures of blueberry pancakes, daffodils dancing in the spring breeze, a belly laugh.

So don your best gown, even if it’s your bathrobe, and celebrate your Oscar.

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