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July 20, 2011
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August 1, 2011

Roller Coaster Meditation

Studies show that meditation can significantly reduce the severity of Parkinson’s symptoms. I’ve been trying to incorporate more mediation into my day, bring my mind to a place of stillness.

The amusement park is not where I’d have started. Then again…

There I was, waiting in line for the Yankee Cannon Ball — the vintage, must-ride, 1930s wooden roller coaster at Canobie Lake Park.

A teen girl from the trio in front of me commented on a dog across the way.

“I love animals,” she told me. “All animals.” She crossed her arms, “except sharks. I do not like sharks.” She shuddered.

I nodded as her friend spoke up. “It’s whales I don’t like. They’re gonna take over the world. Seriously.”

“That’s why I’m moving to Arizona,” said the third. “Billy and I have it all planned out. We wanna go where there’s no one else around. And no one lives in Arizona.”  With emphasis, she added, “my friend told me, there’s no one in Arizona.”

They hopped into the last three seats of the next car. I watched from behind the gate and as they whooshed off.

Meditative Moment 1) My understanding is that when thoughts pull us out of the now into the past or the future, we fill with fear, worry, expectation. The Teen Trio girls were like the ghosts of past and future, visiting me with their fears, worries, expectations.

Meditative Moment 2) Descriptions I’ve read of the busy brain — when it fills with all these thoughts, regardless of how rational or ridiculous — include:
Monkey Mind

Recently, I came across another: Neuron Rumoring. I can see the brain cells whispering back and forth, Psst, she thinks she looks  goofy in those shoes…Hey, did you hear she’s all in a bundle about the insomnia…Ya know, I think her meds are wearing off sooner than they used to…I heard whales are going to take over the world…

Meditative Moment 3) The Yankee Cannon Ball gate opened and I scrambled into a car and laughed and squealed te whole way around.

The next time the PD has me fearful, worried, anticipating, I’ll consider the Teen Trio. And then I’ll stop, breathe, and step onto the roller coaster that is now.



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