PD Attitude of Gratitude

Modifying Child’s Pose
August 28, 2011
Yabba Dabba Yoga
October 3, 2011

PD Attitude of Gratitude


My gratitude list continues:

Autumn leaves:
pecially the feisty ones, rimmed in crimson and yellow but holding onto veins of green.  They display their nature – our nature – to resist change at the same time surrendering to it.

NEPD Ride Volunteers:
The New England PD Ride in support of the MJF Foundation proved to be a smooth 50 miles for Team Mama. The route was lined with good cheer, good food, great attitudes. The teams of volunteers providing much heart and help to the Team Fox riders and were probably responsible for the pristine weather. All in all, a delightful day of riding for a cure. Thank you.

Elementary School Friends: As my son begins fourth grade, I recall a few friendships solidifying when I walked the halls of St. Christopher’s. I have the priveledge of gathering with two of the dearest of those friends for a whole weekend. We will laugh, cry, consume much chocolate, and be forever comfortable with each other. May his be as long-lasting and rich.

Flaws: Change may be the only constant,  and  I roll with it when I can pedal that fast. But sometimes, as when the meds don’t quite work as they did or the odd sleep patterns I finally got used to shift again, I resist. The yogi in me knows better, but she also knows to be compassionate about it.

Toe Nail Polish:
I do have control over change: my attitude toward it and the color of my toes (the autumn colors match the leaves, but for the resistant veins of green).


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