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April 8, 2012
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April 23, 2012

Teaching Yoga

 Teach: to instruct by example or experience

It’s no coincidence to me that each of Webster’s definitions of teach leads with a verb that can also be found in the list of definitions for give:

guide, cause, impart, provide, offer, administer, bestow

The recent Yoga Teacher Training for Students with Parkinson’s reminded me once again of what a gift it is to work with yoga teachers. In the session last week, dedication, passion and a thirst for understanding filled the room, permeating the air.

I recall that same sensation in one of the first workshops I attended as a new teacher. For an entire week, the program imparted so much that each inhale was as pleasant as breathing in the kitchen aromas of homemade soup and freshly baked bread.  The close of the seven days struck hard. Like stepping into a vast hallway, the shock hit not in the array of smells there, but in the lack of them. I felt I’d entered a vacuum. How could I possibly guide students on my own – actually teach yoga – without the backdrop of the program leaders, the other teachers? 

The Massachusetts Chapter of the American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA), who sponsors the Yoga Teacher Training for Students with Parkinson’s provides support, immediately following or long after the seminar. Not only do they have a database that lists what regions in the state need teachers and class offerings, they know the individuals on that list.

If you’re looking to start a yoga program, wondering how to expand your classes, or have an idea but aren’t sure how to begin, call on the APDA MA Chapter. Together, you can come up with a recipe to guide, cause, impart, provide, offer, administer, bestow.





  1. Judith Potts says:

    Sorry I missed the program. Please keep me informed when the next one will be held. Thanks for the info. Judy

  2. Brahmi says:

    Thank you for the work you, Cathi and Tami are doing, along the the Boston chapter of the APDA. The education you provide is outstanding. You can tell by the reaction of the participants that everyone just wanted more. We hope to offer a class for those living with Parkinson’s at the TriYoga center in Waltham soon. All we need are the students.

    Thank you for being such a bright light Renee.

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