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July 15, 2012
Yoga and Stroke Recovery
July 29, 2012

Shame, Shame

At the risk of shameless self-promotion, I am shamelessly self-promoting the new, just-off-the-press, expanded book: Revised Edition of Yoga for Movement Disorders.

When the first edition released in 2008, very few books — one by my count, and that covered exercise in general — existed on applying yoga practice to the specific needs of those of us with Parkinson’s, dystonia, the effects of a stroke. I struggled to find a guide for my practice that explained what to do to ease rigidity and move more fluidly. I searched for pointers for my teaching on how, when and why to modify poses. I wanted such a book so much so that I filled the void by writing and publishing one.

In the time since the original was published, research supports the benefits of yoga for movement disorders. I’ve included reference to some of these studies. In addition, through certificate programs, work with physical therapists, interactions with students and veteran yoga teachers, I’ve fine-tuned adaptations, techniques and approaches.

The Revised Edition carries this knowledge and experience with additional Try This Tips, extra poses, and expanded techniques such as for breathing and for applying the yoga to your day.


Thanks for making it through the shameless self-promotion. May this new material benefit you as much as it has my yoga practice.

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  1. Linda says:

    I welcome this updated resource and thank you for the revisions – I have used the first edition and I am certain your updates will benefit many from a therapy perspective with modifications for yoga poses, as well as daily living strategies for movement disorders. Through movement, we find health.
    Thanks for sharing – Linda, MS, OTR – RYT 200

    • Renee says:

      Thank you, Linda, for the kind words of support. I’m a fan of OTs (my sister is an OT) and am glad that yoga fits into your work. Blessings, Renee

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