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July 29, 2012
I Dis-Agree
August 21, 2012

Gratitude Additions

I fell asleep before making my nightly gratitude list. For that, I am thankful. (The sleep part, not the missed list part.) Recalling three of the day’s aaah moments — which is what my gratitude list consists of — is a pleasant few minutes at day’s end. The quick drop into restfulness, however, was a pleasant surprise.

A good night’s sleep, so rare among Parkinson’s patients, carries many reasons to be thankful. Symptoms lessen, meds work better, mid-day fatigue disappears. I decided that if I made the list before getting out of bed in the morning, it would still count.

Item number one: the extra shut-eye.

Next: it’s peach season.  ‘Nough said. 

Third came when the fog lifted. Literally.  While on vacation,  the  bike path I’d been riding the day before turned damp and gray. But the view had been there all along. As the weather cleared, the beauty emerged. It was like lifting the screen of a dark mood to a sigh of contentment.

The next time that worries or fears descend on me like a cloud, I’ll take a nap, cut a slice of peach pie and trust what lies beyond the mist.



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