Why the Service Dog Vest Says “Do Not Pet”

Can I Pet Your Dog? A Lesson in Trust
May 15, 2013
Tale of Two Soldiers (and a Service Dog)
July 6, 2013

Why the Service Dog Vest Says “Do Not Pet”

Three minutes.

One video.

A full explanation.

“Feet at Work” (an Honorary Mention winner in the 2013 World Parkinson Congress video competition) explains.

2013 WPC Video Competition

Thank you, WPC. Woot woot! (and woof, woof!)


  1. Jane Williams says:

    Dear Renee, Wow that is so great, you surprise me everyday. This is so good for people to know. The two of you are truly a team!

  2. Jill Baldwin says:

    Congratulations Renee, Sir Thomas and the production crew on your honorary mention at the 2013 WPC!

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