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November 4, 2013
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November 17, 2013

I’m Awake. Are You?

1380192_10200199198217754_1357964514_nBefore glancing at the clock, I feel a frown forming across my face. Once again, I’m awake at that nebulous hour of 4:00 am, when it’s no longer the middle of the night.  Nor is it morning. It’s close, but even on the longest of June days, robins would still be only dreaming of worms.

Whether the culprit is hormones or Parkinson’s – or a wicked conspiracy between the two – I am gazing at the bed, not lying in it. My trusty service dog snores from on his bed. To his credit, he opened one eye when I rose. I fluffed his fleece blanket and gave him a pat. No point in both of us being up.

My thoughts seek solace. ‘At least I slept some,’ they begin. ‘I can nap later today.’ The most comforting of these is when I consider that someone else living with PD is up now, too. Are you wandering to the laundry room like I sometimes do to fold some clothes that have been in the dryer since before yesterday? Maybe doing a crossword puzzle? Carrying a blanket to the comfy chair in the living room to try sleeping again?

I wonder: If each of us could take a few seconds to send a wish – a mental message, a prayer if you pray, a breath of goodwill – to someone else who’s up stumbling about with their PD. Imagine the ripple effect across the globe of that moment of mindfulness. It’s enough to lull me back to sleep, with a smile.


  1. Michelle says:

    Well said. If it wasn’t for my recent hip replacement and those wonderful drugs I’d be wondering the halls with you. Give sir. Thomas a pat for me. Soon the pills will be gone and I’ll be thinking of you at 3-4 am. ♥

  2. Al Harper says:

    Yes,well sorta. I was getting into your pattern of insomnia getting up at all those ridiculous hours. IT’S DARK THEN. On my latest Neuro visit I got a script for Clonazepram and it has helped greatly. I still am up several times a night and some nights are better than others but I know I am getting more sleep overall. I haven’t noticed any side effects yet. I have actually over slept some days to 6:00 AM !!!!!!!!!!! I know it’s another pill to deal with but it’s worked for me so far.

    Looks like you had a good time in Montreal, let , me know how you make out.


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