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July 26, 2015
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September 2, 2015

Opting for Art

In combination with moving to the other coast, it made sense to purge, downsize, cleanse as well. Who needs all this space, all this stuff?


Marsh at Sunset painting

All that’s involved with simplifying is actually quite complicated. The closer the moving date gets, the more I’m relying on yoga to soften the edges of all there is to do. The saying, “We’re human beings, not human doings” doesn’t shorten the packing lists or clean the house for showings.

Then again, nothing I “do” will make the perfect couple step forward, people I’ll feel good about handing my house to, folks I can trust will continue to feed the birds. Nothing I “do” will make my meds work better so I can “do” more. In areas where I have no control, “doing” more isn’t going to grant me control.

Yoga practice brings me back to an awareness that I can control how I respond. I can roll with it, let it be. I can also shift my attention to where I do have control. Following my yoga practice, I can opt for art and create something.


Part of the mural I painted when I should’ve been packing.

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  1. I need to remember this idea—it’s so easy to say and so hard to “do”. Thanks, Renee

  2. When moving home we often have the opportunity to see how many things we have and consider which things we actually use and need for something. I agree that there is no need of having many things or living in a big house… Last year me and my family moved and I was surprised how much things we have. I prefer living like a minimalist and have just few things. Yoga is great thing to turn to in this kind of moment! Good luck! Thanks for sharing!

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