Don’t Just Sit There, Meditate

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January 30, 2017
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September 1, 2018

Don’t Just Sit There, Meditate

Here are a variety of insights on beginning a meditation practice. I was honored to be among the contributors to this Clever Yoga posting click here to go to post. Please be sure to read through to the end – I’m the last one.

Speaking of meditation, it’s been a wild summer, from the wildfires charring my neighbors in British Columbia to all-that-was-normal gone wild here at home. These are the crazed days when there’s no time for yoga. There’s so much to do, to tend to, and only so much “on” time with Parkinson’s.

But, the crazed days are when I find I need yoga the most, to re-center, to relieve stress, especially before it triggers more  symptoms.

While I still dread “off” times, I’m learning to use them to practice some yoga. Rarely have I enjoyed the quiet breath work of pranayama or the immobility associated with meditation when I can move, want to move or, because of dyskinesia, can’t help but move.

I combine some breathing exercises with some facial movement. It’s when I’m most rigid that I must focus my full attention on the now, on the moment-to-moment nuance of the inhales, exhales, expressions. I’m thoroughly in the moment, which is the aim of meditation practice.


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  1. Harshit says:

    In my leisure time I meditate because I am de-stressed and relaxed at the time. We can focus on the body when we are relaxed. The body needs to gain some attention once a day. Great post!

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