Travels with Tommy

Stories of Life with a Service Dog

"The perfect gift for dog lovers"

The knight in shining armor doesn't always appear on a great white steed. Sometimes he arrives in the form of a Great Dane. .

Sit. Enjoy the humor and grace in these tales of a special partnership.

Stay. Savor the insight into the pulse of a daily life that beats in time with the heart of a Great Dane service dog.

What reviewers have to say:

This slight volume is enormous in humor, insight, and instruction. Le Verrier's sparkling style will prompt readers to gobble up the stories of Sir Thomas; then to re-read each one to appreciate fully the unique bond between service dogs and their humans. The perfect gift for dog lovers--and for anyone who needs cheering up in these polarized times.
Beth W.

I have had the honor of meeting Renee and Tommy a few times. They are a wonderful team - I read the book in one sitting, with laughter and tears. It's a very honest look at life with a Service Dog. Wishing them only the best!
Tina S.

A great insight to life with a service dog. Whether you have a service dog, are considering one, know someone who shares their life with one or just love dogs, it's a great read. Truly informative and heartwarming.
Lynne E.

Travels with Tommy
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