October 27, 2012

Knight News

Sir Thomas made the news (and is so handsomely photogenic!) Click on the link: Knight in a nylon vest
October 23, 2012

Learning to Read

  Sir Thomas and Elsie are getting along better than I could’ve imagined. They read each other not only instinctively but with particular care. Play time happens only when they both want to race around the yard. One tests the other or, somehow, even before posing in the forelegged puppy bow, they communicate. Elsie seems to appreciate that he bounds over her and doesn’t barrel into her.           Post-playtime, when she wants to lie in her bed (the one with her name on it, of course), she’ll appreciate it when he really learns to read.
October 20, 2012


Service Dogs to be: Chaos and her pups.  
October 17, 2012

Chaos Rules

Chaos loomed large inside so, for the first time since Thomas came home, I left him out on his own. Translated: The Service Dog Project mama-to-be is enormous — 37 pounds more than her usual weight of 140.  Her name is Chaos. At this farm full of fabulous Great Danes,  a fence surrounds the many acres where they can get exercise and supervised play. Up at the main house, they can get treats, pets, naps and supervised mingling with their canine and human friends. But for now, the house belongs to Chaos. The other Danes are not to disturb her for she has an important job: She ‘s due any moment. I enjoyed the pleasure of laying my hand on her head and stroking her down each round in her belly. Her breath heavy, I watched her eyes drift closed. If I’m lucky, I’ll be on hand to witness those […]