Renee’s Online Yoga Classes

Yoga in the time of Coronavirus

While we are sheltering in place, we can’t go to yoga class to practice together. But I am happy to provide the opportunity for you to keep up your practice in your place.. Twice weekly, I’ll post a new class and I hope that at least once weekly, you’ll click on it and follow along. It’s unedited, complete with my imperfect poses, a dog wandering in, or an inane joke every now and then. Just like in class.

What’s different is we don’t get to interact at the studio. To counteract the social piece of that, even just a tad, please feel free to email me (and maybe even each other). To counteract the business side of an empty studio, any contributions any of you wish to make for these classes, I will donate to the Lotus Tea Bar & Studio.

Tip Jar

Support the Lotus Tea Bar and studio during the Coronavirus shutdown. 100% of donations will go to the Lotus studio

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