The mission of the American Parkinsons Disease Association is “to ease the burden and to find a cure” for the Parkinson’s community through education, support, and program development. With chapters in most states in the U.S., the APDA offers information and a support group near you.

The Davis Phinney Foundation
promotes the benefits of exercise for people living with Parkinson’s disease.

The Michael J Fox Foundation funds research dedicated to delivering Parkinson’s patients better treatments and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

The Muhammed Ali Parkinson Center offers support; a variety of arts, movement, and informational classes; and social interaction opportunities for patients and family members affected by Parkinson’s disease.

The mission of the National Parkinson Foundation is to improve the quality of care through research, education and outreach. is Paul Zeiger’s site, a yoga instructor who writes about living with Parkinson’s and teaching yoga to Parkinson’s patients. You can also find an informative article: Being a Care Partner on caring for someone with Parkinson’s disease by Carolyn Zeiger, PhD.

The Parkinson’s Disease Foundation offers hope through research, education and advocacy. The PDF provides educational opportunities for clinical research advocates through the Clinical Research Institute.

The Service Dog Project nonprofit organization trains service dogs specifically for people with balance issues such as with Parkinson’s, MS, and stroke recovery. From the web site: “My service dog is a passport to a life not dominated by my disability.”.

TardiveDyskinesia Center supports those with a specific form of involuntary muscle movement.

Life with Dystonia is dedicated to education and research on various forms of dystonia.

The National Stoke Association Focused on reducing the incidence and impact of stroke through education, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Useful information on yoga and movement

The Everything Yoga Blog is a guide to living your yoga from a devoted yogi, yoga teacher and yoga therapist. with inspiring and insightful postings.

Brookline MA Yoga for Parkinson’s class. This class is designed specifically for persons with Parkinson’s disease.

Kaitlyn RolandA Yogini with a PhD and a passion for helping people live well with Parkinson’s disease

Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga
Lakshmi draws on insight, energy, and many years of teaching yoga to create her chair yoga approach. She makes it not only accessible but enjoyable and informative.

Moving Easy provides a safe, stress-free, relaxing environment for Tai Chi classes adapted for people living with Parkinson’s, dystonia, and other movement disorders.

Donna Brooks: Original Body Wisdom Donna is a gifted and experienced yoga teacher who skillfully guides students with a variety of conditions to greater ease in movement. She offers special sessions, regular classes, and individual consultations.

Peggy Cappy’s Yoga for the Rest of Us
includes classes, videos, a newsletter, and insights on making yoga accessible to the aging or not-quite-as-flexible body.

Renée’s blog on Yoga, Stroke and Parkinson’s addresses issues, concerns, hopes, and insights on living your yoga while living with a movement disorder.

Renée’s Service Dog Blog The story of a dog who helps me live in balance while living with a movement disorder.

The Spirited Movement Foundation
offers non-denominational opportunities for those affected by Parkinsonís, Essential Tremor, dystonia, and other movement disorders.

The Yoga Center of Newburyport (MA) offers classes from chair-assisted to advanced yoga along with numerous special events and guest speakers. find a yoga class

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