Physical restrictions need not keep us from exercise and yoga. Studies suggest that exercise and yoga can actually help ease muscle aches and rigidity associated with such conditions.

While not an exhaustive list, these are some of the physical limitations and medical restrictions that can benefit from practicing modified yoga for Parkinson’s disease

  • – Aging
  • – Arthritis
  • – Dystonia
  • – Fibromyalgia
  • – Injury
  • – Multiple Sclerosis
  • – Parkinson’s disease
  • – Stroke recovery

The strength, flexibility and balance that come with yoga can seep in even when neurologic, orthopedic, or systemic conditions make it difficult to move. Because of the rigidity and tightness conducive to these conditions, fluidity and openness not only come with yoga practice, they are welcome.

Please be certain to check with your doctor before starting yoga for parkinsons or any exercise program.

There are precautions for osteoporosis, hip replacement, high blood pressure, glaucoma, as well as other conditions. Your doctor can advise you.