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June 28, 2010
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August 1, 2010

Travels with Friends

Here’s a travel log, complete with pics, from my recent bicycle trip to Switzerland.


What’s not in the story is an expression of how grateful I am, not only to my captain and fellow stoker, but to my friends as well. You were there on the ride with me, particularly when the going got tough.

One place a friend showed up was after I blamed the wacky European cobblestone sidewalks for causing me to trip (though it was less than graceful, I did remain upright!).  I thought of Al. He’d have enjoyed the humor, as I noticed when I glanced down, that the path I was walking was paved. Hmmm, seems the PD had more to do with my vertical challenge than what was underfoot. Stumbles strikes again.

A few nights, when PD’s insomnia kept me from sleep, my husband stayed awake to keep me company. We shared stories of childhood where Julie and Suzanne featured prominently in the musings,even long after my husband dozed off.

And when the meds waned, I’d rest a while with my sketchbook, considering how Shelley might draw a scene. I actually rather enjoyed sitting with her until the rigidity eased.

I’ll think back on the Swiss Family Fred adventure and smile at the music of the cowbells and the dance that my taste buds did at every bakery. I’ll recall with pride the power my legs, PD or not,  contributed to the climbs, the 250 miles.  I’ll also remember that when the challenges of travel showed up, as they will with or without a chronic disease, I got by with a little help from my friends.

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