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July 26, 2010
Mirapex, Here a Vex
August 21, 2010

Less Is More

All it took was one email in my inbox to make me smile. Oh, there were plenty of other messages there, from spam and scams to Facebook notices and must-see YouTube links. But this one I read and read again. Like discovering a lone poppy in bloom among the mounds of crab grass, I paused and savored what I saw.

Here it is, from guest blogger Debbie Flamini, who shares her insights into the essence of living your yoga while living with PD. Enjoy.


by Debbie Flamini

Less is more, is more or less

What my body needs, to not feel stress

No body stress leads to Cinderella Days

How do I get there?  Let’s count the ways!

Consider less is more in everything you do

From yard work to exercise, even laundry too

Stop competing with the body you owned before

Your current one still works, right down to the core

Your yoga practice is beautiful, body and soul

And isn’t self-acceptance a very admirable goal?

So what has PD given me, that’s positive and good?

A yoga practice more meaningful, one that’s understood.

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