The Right to Choose
April 19, 2011
Yes, Now
May 2, 2011
The Right to Choose
April 19, 2011
Yes, Now
May 2, 2011

April Showers

April, even in these last days as we edge toward May,  showers each day with so much.

Admittedly, the start of the month held little magic with its umpteenth snowstorm here in New England. Yet, the white clung to the trees just long enough to admire before melting in the promisingly warm sun.  It came as a gift of a reminder that what we dread can hold beauty and that all things change with time.

Travel to New York City brought much better weather and an invitation to the annual Team Fox dinner. The evening’s events centered  on thanking Team Fox fundraisers. What a sprinkling of delights! A sense of pride swelled for our efforts — Team Fox’s  New England Parkinson’s Ride raised more than $100,000  for the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2010. We’re dedicated to doing it again in 2011 (I’ll be posting a link to sponsor me and the team soon).

The added treat was to be there with Edna Woods, the extraordinary woman who coordinates  it all so we can ride. Thank you, Edna.

And Thank you, Michael J. Fox, for all you do to fulfill the hope of a cure. We hardly gave you the chance to give your talk, rising to applaud your work before you had a chance to speak:

Crooked yet with grace
He steps on stage to thank us
We stand to thank him

I apologize for interrupting your dessert, but it was an honor to meet you.


The month continued with mists of  joy. My first entry into a local juried art show was accepted. Besides the humbling notion that my painting hangs among such talented work, there’s beauty in the synchronicity: The show has run through the month of April, which is Parkinson’s Awareness Month. My piece is of a single red tulip,which is the symbol of hope for a cure for PD. The painting is titled, “Hope.”

Late in the month, the Boston Health News site highlighted Parkinson’s and yoga as well as the upcoming Summer Arts and Movement Workshop.

Thank you to Tinker Ready for sharing the  information.

April closes with proof that what I dread also holds beauty. The daily struggles and challenges of this disease have also brought me Al. Al became my PD pal. As we shared stories, frappes, laughs, road trips and an aversion for the chicken dance, the initial camaraderie blossomed into a true friendship.

As my pal, my friend moves to Florida at month’s end. I will cry. I already have. If time doesn’t end things so much as changes them, then our friendship is entering into another season, one of more warmth and color. Just as these rains of spring transform into summer, our friendship will continue to bloom.

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  1. Al says:

    Very clever; this might be my first time in the printed word. We did have somm pretty good times though and i know we will meet again at some time and place.

    thinking of you always,


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