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November 30, 2011
The Sound of Parkinson’s
December 19, 2011

Yoga Teacher Training

Dear Yoga Teachers,

If he or she hasn’t already, someone with Parkinson’s will attend your class. Or it may be someone recovering from a stroke. Or living with MS.

Not only are there more and more yoga students living with a movement disorder, the number under the age of 60 with these diagnoses is increasing. And this growing population is turning to yoga.

Ahimsa leads us to approach with compassion, which, considering the yoga teachers I’ve met over the years, is a given. Satya and asteya also influence that approach.

With satya in mind, its truth dictates that meeting the special needs of a student with a movement disorder requires more than compassion. Considering asteya, we’d be stealing from our students’ time and effort if we didn’t try to meet those special needs with specialized training.

Please consider learning more about strategies for managing rigidity, tremor, dystonia and balance and safety concerns. Increase your understanding of how to modify, cue and sequence, and guide students into increased flexibility and strength in targeted areas.

If you’re around Boston on January 21, 2012, please consider joining us in a yoga teacher training workshop:  Yoga Teacher Training for Students with Parkinson’s or other Movement Disorders










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