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October 6, 2012
Yoga Dog
October 11, 2012

Out & About

I was not a wedding planner as a girl. The date the marriage began, I figured, was not the end of a fairy tale we’d live Happily Ever After. It seemed more of a beginning where the reality of quirks and habits and miscommunication meant we’d agree to ‘Hard Work Hereafter.’

Now that Sir Thomas is home, our work is beginning. I’m discovering that, like with a marriage, with each adventure we gain a little understanding, become better partners. The yogi in me is keeping me from judging our actions and letting them be what they are, including added bits of insight and humor.

Outing #1:
The dentist (exciting, I realize…but, even though pictures of service dogs and their handlers often show them at restaurants, the reality is we more often have mundane errands and appointments).

How we did:  ST performed admirably. He had to squeeze into a tight spot beside the hose whirring tubes and hoses and cabinets that someone on the other side kept banging shut. Add the drill, lights and unatural smells, his brain was awhirl. Still, he popped up from his downstay only twice, once to rest his head on my leg while the dentist drilled at an old cavity. Rather comforting move for both of us.

What I learned: Bring a towel or blanket: That tile floor is hard on bony elbows.

Pleasant surprise: A woman popped out of her chair in the waiting room to open the door for us on our way out.

Outing #1 Continued:
Off to the bakery: Another door held open for us (love that!).

How we did: Tommy stuck by my side while I paid, thanked the woman behind the counter and somewhat gracefully managed to both pick up the bag and maneuver around keeping a giant dog still beside me, his equally giant nose away from the bakery case. We even took the long way back to the car, strolling at the same pace (rather than his previous day’s too-fast pace).

What I learned: We both did better together in the early morning quiet of downtown. Two days before, the crowds of a touristy weekend had us both distracted and tottering through the sttreets. I think we’ll benefit from a few more focused, quiet walks before tackling the concentration needed for navigating through crowds.

Next outing: yoga class.



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