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October 7, 2012
Chaos Rules
October 17, 2012

Yoga Dog

Good Down-dog.

Outing #2: Yoga Class

How We Did: Sir Thomas, a natural yogi, got into a down-dog pose before class started. He found it difficult to relax into savasana, though. He popped up a few times from his down-stay. I realized that he was listening to me as I guided the class through poses, my voice the same tone as when I cue his commands. He couldn’t rest easy because he kept  waiting for a word he knew. I hadn’t anticpated his focus on my voice; he hadn’t experienced being in a down-stay with a string of unfamiliar words.

What I Learned: Bring a chew toy not only to keep him busy but to emphasize that during class, he’s on call not on active duty.

Pleasant Surprise: He’s a quick learner: By the end of the week I was teaching my third class with Tommy in attendance. He fell sound asleep.

Next Outing: Shopping


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