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January 29, 2013
One Life to Live
March 19, 2013

Dance with Me

TommyShadowSometimes when I’m out and about in public, I’m managing so well that strangers regularly ask if I’m training him. At times, it’s easier to smile and nod and walk on (as I secretly apologize to Megan. the trainer, for taking the credit). Other times I say, “No, he’s training me.”

Both seem to be true, especially as we figure out new situations together. Like the other day: I’d just finished teaching a class (Tommy’s favorite nap time). Everyone had left and I’d forgotten to take my meds. I literally became frozen in place. This has happened at home in the past and he’s right there to help me from room to room. This was a first, though: Between us and home was an expanse of way more than a room or two. He and I and my three bags of teaching stuff were the only ones in the building, after which we’d need to navigate the back stair case and two blocks to where my car was parked. Without Tommy, at best, I’d have had to sit for 45 minutes or so until the meds kicked in. With him, I talked and he walked…the entire way, me talking, Tommy walking. It’s as though we’ve taught each other a kind of slow-motion dance.

So proud of him.


  1. Linh Nguyen says:

    Dear Tommy and his awesome owner,

    I first discovered your blog through a “Dog Service” page on FB and I am hooked on it. The fear of losing somebody so close to you also hit me a bit hard as well. I have a German Shepherd that I love very much. However, he is hitting his 5 years mark soon. Sometimes I am slightly afraid and get a bit teary thinking about the fact that I will outlive him before he passes away. However, reading your article definitely makes my heart feels a bit lighter. I hope that you and Tommy will have great days ahead of you and best wishes to the both of you. 🙂


    • Renee says:

      Thank you for writing. Among the qualities of our canine companions is their innate ability to live in the present moment. Reminding myself of this helps when my thoughts wander into that worry zone of the future. Enjoy your moments with your Shepherd. -Renee

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