When I Grow Up

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December 8, 2012
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April 28, 2013

When I Grow Up

tradchildAs a kid, whenever an adult asked me what I wanted to be, I answered – much to my mother’s dismay – A jockey.

I, with Secretariat’s victories taped to every inch of my bedroom walls, envisioned my future filled with checkered silk jerseys atop a thoroughbred. My mother, an avid reader, had a more literary career in mind for me, snug in a button-down sweater surrounded by books.

Neither of us would have pictured the grown-up me in leggings on a yoga mat.

Could they be any more different: racetrack, library, studio?  Plot them out and they’d be separate points on a triangle, equally distant from each other in every way.

There are, however, similarities:

  • None are get-rich-quick life choices.
  • Each means no need for expensive suits or uncomfortable shoes.
  • All can be done during regular hours without ever having to be on call.
  • The three derive from one common point: Passion.

I’m passionate about yoga, particularly about its benefits for those of us with movement disorders. Finding peace in body, mind and spirit is like riding the three tracks of the Triple Crown.

For five days in April, I get to live that passion. Our team of health care professionals and yogis share our expertise and welcome fellow yoga teachers and therapists to learn about the disease and approaches specifically designed for people living with Parkinson’s.

For information or to register for the Teacher Training for Parkinson’s Certificate Program, please visit http://www.limyoga.com/teachertraining.html .






  1. Betsy says:

    Hi Renee

    I just finished a book by Donna Jackson Nagasawa. She was very ill and embarked upon a program of mindfulness meditation, yoga and acupuncture and is way better after two years. The theory is that the mind heals the body so we nust endeavor to heal the mind.

    I am three years into my Dx with PD and am feeling sorry for myself. At the same time, I have restarted my meditation program, did yoga twice this week and have scheduled an acupuncture session. By fits and starts I am trying to develop this protocol into my life. So I will follow you to stay inspired for the yoga leg of the stool. Thank you for your blog.

    • Renee says:

      Thank you for your message, and blessings to you on your yoga path. I like to say – and I do believe this – that Parkinson’s is a word, not a sentence. Best wishes.

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