Yoga Mudra Plus One

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November 23, 2012
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March 7, 2013

Yoga Mudra Plus One

Move over Mudras, there’s another to add to your list.

In yoga, Asanas are poses we move our bodies into to energize or trigger relaxation. The Mudras are gestures that, in unison with the breath, also balance our energy.  Mudras are like yoga with our hands.

From Anjali Mudra to Varaha Mudra, the gestures each involve touch. Whether it’s the tips of fingers pressed into one another, knuckles making contact or the back of the hand against a palm, each has a positive effect on our mood and on clearing our minds.

For those of us with movement disorders, the full-body experience of yoga may be daunting at times when meds are waning or fatigue takes over. Or, it’s simply one of those off days. That’s when the Mudras can be particularly beneficial.  We need only to breathe and place our fingers in various positions to reap the calming or rejuvenating benefits of yoga.  For those of us living with movement disorders who are fortunate enough to live with a dog, we know the calming and rejuvenating benefits of our canine companions. Which brings me to a (pardon the pun:) handy move sure to bring peace, balance.

While I’m a Mudra novice, and I realize there’s a symbolic number of mudras (108), I believe the gods will understand my addition of a simple, adaptable hand gesture sure to calm, center, and bring us into the present moment.

Hasta Svan Mudra: 

Hand on Dog Mudra.

Practice it regularly.

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  1. … hand on dog mudra is one of my favourites too 😉

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