Teacher Training Smile

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April 28, 2013
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June 6, 2013

Teacher Training Smile

It imagebrings a big, goofy — though intensely genuine — smile to recall the recent yoga teacher training at TriYoga Boston.  I sense — no, I know — that each one of the individuals there signed up not simply for the certification but because their hearts led them to the program. Their hearts then led them back home to places around the U.S. to spread newfound knowledge and understanding of how to match the needs of students with Parkinson’s.

This adds a glow to my big, goofy, intensely genuine smile. At the time, we were halfway into the program when the news of the marathon tragedy pierced the peace of the yoga studio. My thought then still holds true: Humanity shone despite all that shattered that Monday. I can genuinely smile as I breathe in the memory of a compassionate circle of people who gathered at TriYoga for the sole purpose of helping someone else.

Gratitude joins this big, goofy, intensely genuine smile with a deep exhale. I appreciate the flexibility each teacher displayed to break outside of ‘tradition’ or ‘what the books say’ and such to embrace this different approach to yoga practice. Not only am I thankful for these teachers who are sharing the joy and benefits lof yoga with the PD community, I appreciate all that I learn from my time with them.

Along with my sometimes unusual method, I’ve fessed up to playing a variety of music choices not typically heard during yoga class. In that light, I end with the words of Elton John, “…Each day I learn just a little bit more. I don’t know why, but I do know what for…”



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  1. … one day (when the planets align!) i hope to take your Parkinson’s training and leave with an open heart and a goofy grin 🙂 it sounds wonderful!

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