Service Dog Day Off
August 31, 2013
Service Dogs and Parkinson’s at WPC 2013
September 11, 2013

Tommy or Fred?


When I venture out, either Sir Thomas steps along by my side or Fred is with me. But not both. Why not? Who’s Fred, and why don’t they get along?

It’s a bit like apples/oranges comparison if apples sported four paws and oranges rolled about on two wheels.

IMG_4683Years ago, my son dubbed the new triple bicycle Fred. We’ve carried a heavy load traveling with Fred and Bob (name of trailer hitched to the back of Fred). None of the luggage ever weighed in at 125 pounds, however.

NEPR1If I could figure out how to bring Tommy out with Fred, I would. Especially as Team Mama rides for Team Fox at the annual New England Parkinson’s Ride. Proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund research for treatments and ultimately a cure for Parkinson’s. Who better to join Team Mama and their faithful support than the gentle giant who supports me everywhere I go each day?

For several years, I’ve looked forward to this event. The picture perfect route rolls along farmland and oceanfront. The stops provide sustenance and support.


The atmosphere connects us with such enjoyable fellow riders. (Purple-Shorts Guy, you know who I mean.) And Edna Woods, where would any of us be without you? Edna — the picture of smiles and determination all rolled up into the grandmother everyone adores — stands at the helm of this remarkable event.

For fifty miles, participants, volunteers, cheering onlookers encircle riders with smiles, determination, momentum, chocolate chip cookies, bathroom stops, and a goal to end the need for this ride. Factor in good weather and a party at the finish line, what’s not to like?2011 Thank you

In past years: nothing. Even that hurricane-like, downpour-all-day time held its own charm. This year, however, marks the first ride since Sir Thomas came home.

When the humans go out for a regular bike ride, we’re away from the house – from Sir Thomas — for an hour, maybe two.


Fifty miles, and the starting point in another state, extends that time away into most of the day. Most of the day with Fred is too much of the day Tommy. So off he went, adventuring out on his first sleepover since he’s come home. That’s what’s not to like. Love the ride. Just wish Tommy could come along with Fred and Bob.


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