Go West, Young. Man: More Travels with Tommy
September 6, 2015
Stepping through November
November 11, 2015
Go West, Young. Man: More Travels with Tommy
September 6, 2015
Stepping through November
November 11, 2015

Island Living

libA dame with a Dane walks into the library…

I’m not kidding.

Being the new kid on the Island, I’m trying to settle in. For me, the official I Have Arrived document (following my driver’s license) is a library card.

After asking where the library is located, Sir Thomas and I ventured out. We heard the usual greetings as we entered — Handsome! You Could Put a Saddle on Him. I Love Your Dog!

Thomas and I continued toward the information desk. The librarian took one look, rose from her chair with her hand extended and said,

“You must be Renee.”

Small Island, I thought.

With a big smile, the librarian added, “The Dame with a Dane.”

It turns out that the delightful Service Dog Project CP* I’d enjoyed lunch with here on the Island is the president of the Friends of the Library.

Small world.

It may take me some time to get used to WASHINGTON across the top of my license. The new library card in my wallet, however, has me feeling that Tommy and I Have Arrived.

*CP=Camera Person: The fans and supporters of SDP who follow the live cams (check it out at www.servicedogproject.org)


  1. Lyn Morton says:

    So glad that you and Sir Thomas are being so warmly welcomed to our great state.

  2. Barbara Abbott says:

    Love reading about these Great Danes & their Partners also Love the title, Dame with a Dane!

  3. Portia Smith says:

    Welcome to WA !! Have been a CP since the cams went live. I just watch but don’t comment. We live between Seattle and Portland at Centrallia. Right on I5. If you are ever in the South End would love to take you to lunch and meet you both. Love the mural you did for the end on the barn at CA .. .

  4. Boilerup says:

    How wonderful for you. Sounds to me like it’s a meant-to-be place for you! Looking forward to many great adventures of you and Sir Thomas!

  5. Debbie M. says:

    The library is definitely one of the first places where I would head if I was joining a new community. So glad that you were so clearly welcomed 🙂 P.S. We missed you enormously at DogFest but when Lynn and Willow and Julia and Ethyl gave their talk under your mural, we felt your presence.

  6. Artie Kapell says:

    Nearly two years into my diagnosis of Parkinson’s (this last May), my beloved adopted english setter Cyrus passed away. I read your postings with interest as I had lived many years in Massachusetts, now live in eastern Washington, and want again to have the companionship that a dog brought to my life. Unfortunately, I will also need the assistance. I’m surprised that a great dane can fill that role. Anyway, be well and enjoy the northwest. I look forward to your postings.

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