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December 17, 2015
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January 18, 2016

In Memory of Tess

tessblogMy mother read murder mysteries with the same zeal that Sir Thomas arranges his fluffies before circling down to sleep. She could check out a dozen from the library and be back for more a few days later.

After she passed away, I found a whodunit on her nightstand. Yellow flags stuck out from the pages. Handwriting I didn’t recognize listed character names and cryptic notes: red dress and flashlight. I cringed at how, in the end, the morphine fog must have confused her and kept her from the stories she so enjoyed.

What I discovered later was that her hospice aide brought the sticky tags to the house. She’d jotted the notes so my mother could keep the characters straight and continue to do what she so enjoyed through to the end.

I never got the chance to meet or thank my mother’s hospice caretaker for the simple act of stepping in with a pack of Post-Its.

But there is Sandy, who for years has provided for the retired, aging service Danes – including Tess – through to the end.

Thank you, Sandy, for simply stepping in with an extra-soft fluffy and an equally soft touch.



  1. Boilerup - MI says:

    Thank you Renee for a wonderful tribute to a seldom acknowledged job! Kudos to Sandy for the gift of end of life care and love to ones who service made a huge difference in mobility for their chosen person!

  2. Doris Hoffmann IT'SONLYPUPPYLOVENY says:

    Thank you Renee, for remembering to thank Sunday Sandy for taking such good care of those SDP Danes who are sick or in their sunset years. I’m sure she’s missing Tess very much. I hope it is okay if I also express my gratitude to Sandy here.

  3. Gail Frace says:

    Renee thank you. A lot of loss at this time of year. It is wonderful how much joy these special individuals bring to our lives, and how large of a hole they leave, when they depart.

  4. Donna Leonard says:

    Yes, thanks to both you and Sandy…I have seen her only on the camera, usually on the Sunday Stew day, being always thoughtful and caring with her aging and often hurting , Danes…they follow her around, and sometimes with just their eyes as they are resting on a bed..She has always amazed me …wonderful woman!

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