Forging Awareness

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April 4, 2016
November 9, 2016

Forging Awareness

eye3Ever notice a baby when another baby enters the room? There’s an instant look of recognition, a ‘Hey, I know you` connection. For some, the grin is hard to contain, others stare for a while first. Either way, they’re drawn to each other.

This happens to me when I meet someone living with Parkinson’s, whether a new student in my yoga class, a chance encounter at a café or amidst many at a conference. Like babies, regardless of how caring and understanding our caretakers are, in that instant, we know that the only other one in the room who gets babyhood (or PDhood) is the baby.

The camaraderie of the Parkinson’s community has provided me with resources from book reviews to diet tips, made me laugh, introduced me to people whose paths I’d not have crossed otherwise, given me cause to reach out in support when a bad day got someone down and allowed me to reach out for support when a bad day got me down. It is a generous group, willing to share their stories and especially their hope. As one of my friends — thanks, yes thanks to PD for that friendship — puts it: Until there’s a cure, there’s community.

Forging Resilience is a new resource for sharing those very stories, especially now during Parkinson’s Awareness month. It’s worth a visit because, baby, we need each other  (,




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