Forging Awareness
April 16, 2016
Yoga in Your Livingroom
November 21, 2016


I know where I recognized that dread, that weight, that sour taste that defined this morning after the election. I woke to it the morning after my diagnosis. Egads.

I grieved — occasionally still do — and I got out from under the weight. Time to do it again with yoga and:

My EGADS approach to Parkinson’s  ^(11/9/16) Life

Exercise (yoga is good) & eat well (that includes pie)

Give a compliment (once in a while, I give one to myself)

Aaah moments (find three each day; in difficulty, refer to above: pie)

Do something for someone else

Step outside (breathe)

And remember – quoting my friend, Cindy – until there is a cure, there is community.tsh


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