October 31, 2012

Family Cobra

The New York Times Sunday Magazine cover story features an entire family yoga-ing together. I’m usually a word nerd, reading and digesting the write-up and glancing at supporting graphics. The accompanying glossy picture, however, spoke volumes more to me than the article itself. In it, four siblings and their parents are in dfferent yoga poses, each pose a unique combination of bend and reach. But the image is not one of a collection of internally focused individuals. The photographer captured what unifies them: the synchronicity of that focus. The children aren’t adjusting or re-angling or falling out of position — in the yogic sense nor in the literal sense. Ditto with the parents, who aren’t trying to maintain balance. They’re all fully there, in the same space. Holy cow (pose), when does that happen in a family? No one is waiting for someone else to finish in the bathroom. No […]
September 7, 2012

Yielding on My Way to Yoga

On my way to morning class, I stopped to move a turtle out of the middle of the street, swerved to avoid a swooping hawk, and drove past a couple out walking who appeared not to be enjoying each other’s company. A witness to these moments of exploration and resistance seemed so related to yoga.  A haiku formed in time write it down and share with the class: Turtle, hawk, human One crosses road, one a field The other, his arms    
August 24, 2012

Sir Thomas

Check out the new guy in town: http://www.limyoga.com/service_dog_parkinsons/