March 1, 2011

PD Oscars

Oscar night sends quivers of anticipation among many Hollywood fans. Who will be deemed the best? The best to translate a role into someone we care about?  The best at supporting the lead performers so they shine? The best at directing through the everyday ups and downs with the bigger vision in mind? Dubbing myself the awards committee, I hereby announce the winners for this year’s PD Oscars: Best Actor: You. To each of you whose daily performances require a study in movement, speech and reliance on the true aspects of your character, this PD Oscar is for you. The world is your stage. From getting through the grocery store despite freezing to maintaining a social life even when the meds are off,  you put your best efforts into the complex role of living with PD. Best Supporting Role: The APDA With its presence in nearly every state, a national information […]
February 14, 2011

Valentine Wish

Life is the Sacred mystery singing to itself, dancing to its drum telling tales improvising playing and we are all that Spirit our stories all but one cosmic story that we are loved indeed that perfect Love in me seeks the Love in you and if our eyes could ever meet without fear we would recognize each other and rejoice for Love is life believing in itself MANITONGQUAT
January 17, 2011

Shell Shock

I think I’m in love. The way he moves with a dignified slowness, each step a concentrated effort, draws me to his side. Small obstacles cause a moment’s hesitation, but he makes it past them. Sometimes by backing up before turning, sometimes by stumbling onward. Not entirely graceful, but I admire how he forges ahead with a certain determination. I can relate to it. It amuses me how he eats with gusto. Not always the tidiest diner, scraps of a salad remain on his chin a bit before he wipes them away. And given options at dinner, he reaches for the sweet items first. Why munch first on lettuce when mango and kiwi are available? I can so relate. Did I mention that he also prefers warm temperatures and particularly enjoys basking in the heat following a good meal. Oh, how I can relate. My affections came as a surprise […]