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July 25, 2014
Why a Service Dog?
October 14, 2014

It’s About Access

A local B&B recently turned away a service dog and handler, refusing to give them a room for the night. Kudos to another handler, Lynne Emerson, for making the incident an opportunity. Rather than a How Could You Turn Away a Service Dog and His Handler glass-half-empty reaction, here is the glass-half-full response:

How Would You Like a Brochure?

Lynne pulled it together and I got to help (with both sides of my brain: words and art!). Feel free to print this out this two-sided, three-fold piece to educate local businesses, innkeepers, police staff, schools, family, friends. Ignorance is not bliss.

SD Brochure FinaljpegSD Brochure Finaljpeg2


  1. Marcia Aulebach says:

    Thank you I educated this all the time in Virginia and the country. My medical Parkinson’s dog has saved my life. “Stroke”, and helps me soooo much and she rocks. I have had this happen to me more times then not. So stressful, rude and sad. I do have the federal law, ADA with me all the time. I have a handout also. I just call the cops and let them deal with the idiots and wait it out. Seems more times then not the law is a rude awaking to these people. More education is needed. Also not to Pet, feed or distract the dog. This is also a big issue. Or your out of control on a lead barking snapping dog want to eat, bite and distract my dog. I get really upset by this and also call the cops. My dog is not a pet. She is my hero! Thanks good stuff please stay in touch.

  2. Carrie PANDIS says:

    Excellent! This is really well done! PLEASE post this on the SDP EPW and SDP Facebook page if you haven’t already. All the SDP followers will love it! [ But wait until next week to post there. This weekend is Dog Fest, and this will get lost in the zillions of visitor posts and pictures. 🙂 ]

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