Tommy in the News
February 3, 2016
Tommy Takes a Sick Day
February 5, 2016
Tommy in the News
February 3, 2016
Tommy Takes a Sick Day
February 5, 2016

Park It Somewhere Else

tomsoulSo a state rep pulls into a handicapped spot…

No, wait, his wife does…

She’ll ‘only be a few moments…”

See story here

Have a few moments? To someone with a disability — MS, Parkinson’s, veteran’s with head injuries, amputees — the words, ‘I’ll only be a few moments’ don’t exist. It takes a us a few extra moments to slip an arm through a shirt sleeve, to sip our coffee, to cut a piece of chicken or take a bite of salad, to undo the twist-tie on a loaf of bread, to get socks on.

It took quite a few moments for that disabled person to get to that very parking space. Rep Hess’s actions of pointing to his wife and adding that he had elective surgery on his hip were transparent veils the news reporter should’ve seen through. Hess represents the people of his state. Don’t blame the Mrs. and then try to empathize with degenerative and irreversible conditions by comparing them to a joint replacement.

Take the opportunity to truly represent the people: fess up, apologize, and encourage your constituents to be more aware of the parking place they choose.

It would take only a few moments.



  1. Terri Miller says:

    Agree agree agree!!!

  2. Jackie Hinde says:

    First of all, recovery from a total hip replacement takes more than two weeks, it’s six at the least and perhaps even more for some people. So he’s a flat out liar and his wife’s lifestyle choices need to be checked. They are supposed to show the example of good behaviour, not take advantage of their position.

  3. Donna Leonard says:

    Yes , I did have a lot of trouble with the news story…it’s almost seemed like they said since he had a temporary sticker one time, it was almost like that excused the couple …you know, like then they had a right to park there…I know that all through history, news stories have been written to sway the public yo a particular side…so this s Gould have been no surprise to me…but it was none the less..even if he said that was not the right thing to do..I would have felt better

  4. Diane Stern says:

    Short, sweet, & to the point. Love it.

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