Park It Somewhere Else
February 3, 2016
Dog Days
February 12, 2016
Park It Somewhere Else
February 3, 2016
Dog Days
February 12, 2016

Tommy Takes a Sick Day

tessblogI’m used to me waking in the wee hours to use the bathroom. When Sir Thomas wakes me to use the outdoors, it’s a sign something’s not right. The first protocol, given that he didn’t show any other signs of distress – no fever, no unusual behavior, no breathing issues, no tender areas – is to let his system settle down.

Try and rationalize with a 145-pound dog that it’s in his best interest not to eat for twenty-four hours.

Next, explain to the dentist office the need to reschedule because the dog is sick. I could’ve elaborated on the, er, size if the problem when ‘Great Dane’ and ‘diarrhea’ are used in the same sentence. Beyond the risk of needing a major cleanup, it’s not fair for me to ask him to work when his tummy isn’t well.

When we’re out and about, he’s my steed, my regal Dane cane. For the countless times I’ve relied on him for support, the role sometimes switches. Good boy that he is, beneath his vest is a being who needs to lean on me.

After some extra ear scratches and belly rubs, instead of walking with him, I stepped onto the treadmill. I set my music player to ‘shuffle’ and of all the songs, this one queued up first: Fun’s: Walking the Dog. These particular lyrics are the ones I’m singing to Tommy (and Tommy sometimes sings to me):

. . .  Stay on my side.
Don’t go.
If you could see me
Whoever I am,
It’s not like a movie,
It’s not all skin and bones
So c’mon…
I will not let you go.

Click here the whole song: (Fun: Walking the Dog)



  1. Antoinette aka Twan in Norway says:

    Your blogs sooo make me want to hug you and Tommy…
    A digital one will have to suffice :-)) ♥
    Get better soon, Sir Thomas ♥

  2. Pat Ranstrom says:

    … Come On, Come On, Tommy … Feel Better ♪♫ Sending warm sunshine from Sequim and prayers for a speedy recovery ! PS I’m wearing my Service Dog tshirt =o) Sequim Pat

  3. Karen Langford says:

    Poor Tommy for being sick, Lucky Tommy for being your baby. Your words make me feel good. Can’t imagine how great your care makes him feel.

  4. Kacey Gyory says:

    Delightful song for a workout! I do hope Tommy gets to feeling better quick. Sending much good energy and happy thoughts!

  5. Lu Freeman says:

    Tommy, I hope you feel better really soon! Sending BIG HUGS, sweet boy!

  6. Susan Culver says:

    Hugs to both you and Tommy. I hate to say that I got a good laugh at his expense, but your description of ‘Great Dane’ and ‘diarrhea’ in the same sentence made me giggle a bit. Hope that he’s feeling better soon.

  7. NJerseygirl says:

    Feel betterz real soon Sir Thomas. We all love you both!! :))

  8. Sharon kbtz-AZ says:

    Sir Thomas, such a good boy. Hope you are feeling better real soon. I’m sure with mom’s care you will be back to your normal working self in no time.
    Big hugs to Renee & Tommy

  9. Michelle Mitchell LI, NY says:

    Feel all the love from around the world for both of you and please get better soon SirThomas ♥

  10. Annette & Lydia says:

    Hoping Tommy feels better soon.. <3

    Annette & Lydia

  11. Laura Hron says:

    Feel better Tommy. Sending extra hugs and belly rubs.

  12. Donna Leonard says:

    Poor guy, Get well soon…my Boxers occasional have some trouble like that, when most everything else seem ok…sometimes it the one, it’s that he’s worried or has separation problems…which Tommy shouldn’t have…my other one gets it and I find out she got into the cat food…it does not work well in her system

  13. Carmen says:

    My prayers for both you and Tommy. Sending an extra hug to Tommy hoping he feels better tomorrow.

  14. Anne Sullivan says:

    I hope Tommy has gotten over his “tummy issues”.

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